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Shockwave Therapy Machine

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There are situations when your hamstring, elbow or tendon are injured, and that can be very problematic. Thankfully, there are some methods you can use like an extracorporeal shockwave therapy or an ESWT machine that might come in handy. Even if the technique might sound very painful, that is not the case. It’s actually a very safe technique and one that if you use right, it has a lot of potential. But how can a professional shockwave therapy machine help you? Is the shock wave therapy machine something you should buy? Let’s find out!


What is Shockwave Therapy?

At its core, shockwave therapy is very easy to understand. Shockwaves can be very useful as they urge your body to recover and also eliminate pain. In fact, this can be a pain relief device and a solid self-treatment option. The idea is to have some type of home therapy with an alternative treatment that helps the body regenerate new tissue. It will lower the amount of pain too, since it stimulates the nerves.

Some might think this is uncomfortable, but a shockwave therapy is very safe. In fact, a shockwave therapy machine for sale will rarely cause any discomfort. Some mild pain can arise, but that’s certainly a thing you need to expect. That being said, if you want physical therapy for rehabilitation, it can help you quite a bit, since it tackles the trigger points of osteoarthritis, and it’s a non-invasive therapy. Plus, there are other reasons why you want to use it too.

For example, shockwave therapy can help with cellulite reduction, it can be an erectile dysfunction treatment, yet it can be just as good against plantar fasciitis or chronic pain conditions. It’s widely used for sports injuries and muscle recovery too, not to mention it can ease the painful soft tissue. A lot of people want to have a myosfascial release and proper paint management. That means shockwave therapy is great for rehabilitation, tendonitis and a variety of other situations.


5 Benefits of Using a Shockwave Therapy Machine

Is it a good idea to use shockwave therapy machine in UK? That’s a challenge for a lot of people, but it does have its fair share of benefits. The advantage of using such a machine is that it can help you alleviate a lot of health issues, plus it might help you feel better!

  1. Shockwave therapy can help you form new blood vessels, that means you will have a larger oxygen supply in the affected area, and you will also be able to promote the repair of damaged tissue, something you have to keep in mind.
  2. It can also lower the substance P amount in your body. That’s a neurotransmitter known to be related to chronic pain, so the less substance P you have, the better.
  3. It will also break down the calcium buildup, a problem that actually becomes prevalent in these situations.
  4. Moreover, shockwave therapy machines can reverse chronic inflammation. It becomes easier to heal your wounds, and the results you can obtain are nothing short of impressive.
  5. It’s also possible for shockwave therapy to help release trigger points.


Key Features of Our Shockwave Therapy Machines

Shockwave therapy machines like the ones we sell are very focused on safety. They release only safe amounts of shockwave to ensure your wellbeing. In addition, everything is fully customizable and you will not feel any pain. To make things even better, shockwave therapy devices are very dependable, easy to customize and use, and you can fully adjust them to your own requirements. That makes such machines well worth the investment, especially since they can also be used at home.


How to Choose the Right Shockwave Therapy Machine?

There are certain things to consider when picking a good shockwave therapy device for sale. Here are some ideas to consider!

  • Portability is a must have when you use a shockwave therapy machine at home. You want to take it with you throughout your house, so that alone matters.
  • You also need some sort of comfort. Having the right amount of comfort is great and it can help you eliminate a lot of the potential pain.
  • Check the duration of every treatment. Some shockwave therapy machines will require 4 minute treatments, others will go over 15 minutes.
  • How efficient is the shockwave therapy equipment? 

Check reviews and see what people are saying, what results they got and if this type of product really fit their needs and requirements.

  • How long is the healing time? Depending on the machine, that can differ quite a lot, so that’s certainly a thing to focus on.
  • The budget also matters, you want to be certain that your shockwave therapy machine will deliver those results.



Buying a good shockwave therapy machine requires plenty of time and commitment. But it’s also a solid purchase and a very good investment if you are serious about taking good care of yourself. It can relieve pain, help you deal with various trigger points, and it’s great for all kinds of sports injuries. Just follow our ideas and guidelines to identify what option fits your needs the most.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Are shockwave therapy machines safe to use?

These machines need to be approved by the government, and they are tested to ensure safety. So yes, they are safe to use.


How do I know if shockwave therapy is suitable for my condition?

It’s very important to work closely with a doctor. Although you can also try machines at a low intensity as well.


Are there any side effects associated with shockwave therapy?

There are only minor shockwave therapy side effects, such as swelling, red skin, numbness, some nerve pain, increased sensitivity and bruising.


Can shockwave therapy machines be used on all parts of the body?

You can use shockwave therapy on your muscles, connective tissue, bones, tendons and so on. You want to check what parts of your body is shockwave therapy suitable for, so try to keep that in mind.

How often do I need to use a shockwave therapy machine?

You can use shockwave therapy multiple times, different sessions a week apart each. In general, 3 or more sessions are necessary for shockwave therapy to show results!