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10 Myths About Buttock Augmentation Surgery

10 Myths About Buttock Augmentation Surgery

Having a great way to contour or augment your buttocks is an interesting idea. However, gluteal enhancement doesn’t have to be very complex, nor extremely invasive. And that’s where the buttock augmentation surgery stands out. It offers a very powerful way of improving your look. Yet aside from being an aesthetic enhancement, it’s also boosting your self-esteem too.

Before you use any buttocks enlargement machine or undergo surgery, you need to perform some due diligence. That means you want to learn more about the procedure and how it works. Once you educate yourself about that, you’ll know if this is the right approach for you. Unfortunately, there are a lot of buttock augmentation myths out there. Those lead to a lot of confusion about the surgery and what it entails. Here’s what you need to know when it comes to misunderstandings about buttock augmentation procedures.

What is Buttock Augmentation Surgery?

Also known as gluteal augmentation, this is a procedure designed to improve the contour/shape of your butt. Some people want to have a plumpier or more prominent butt. And while you can do that with workouts, results vary and it can take a while to achieve them. That’s where the buttock augmentation surgery can help. However, the common myths of buttock augmentation surgery make things harder to understand.

That’s why we made this list with buttock augmentation misconceptions. It’s important to know whether surgical rumors are true or not. Many perceived notions may or may not be real. You want to better understand the process and seem how it all works.

10 Myths About Buttock Augmentation Surgery

The thing we need to realize is that buttock augmentation misconceptions are abundant. Unfortunately, without enough information, some people get deterred by fake myths and a lack of knowledge. That’s why we want to explain what the buttock augmentation surgery really does. In doing so, you will have a much better idea of what to expect.

Buttock Augmentation is Only for Cosmetic Enhancement

The main role for buttock augmentation is to help improve the size and shape of your buttocks. It helps add volume, with a true focus of increasing fullness for your butt. Sure, it will help make your buttocks better. But at the same time, the way you sit and the entire process as a whole feels much more cohesive. And that’s exactly why you want to undergo this surgery.

It’s not just for improving looks. It actively helps you sit better, and it will fill out any lackluster areas in your buttocks. In doing so, you will have a better way to have an improved, better shape for your butt. That alone is one of the primary reasons why you want to undergo buttock augmentation in the first place.

Buttock Augmentation is Only for Women

When it comes to false beliefs regarding buttock augmentation, this is one of them. There are many rumors and false myths that buttock augmentation is just for women. Granted, women tend to be the majority of customers for this procedure. However, buttock augmentation is not just for women. If you have a sagging, squarish or flat bottom, then the buttock augmentation can work for you too.

It’s the type of procedure that can provide great results for men and women. In addition, there’s no difference in this procedure, whether it’s done for a man or a woman. So the fact that it’s only for women is false. Sure, less men do it, but that doesn’t mean it’s not for them. It’s great for both women and men alike.

Buttock Augmentation is Always Noticeable

No, buttock augmentation is not always something you will notice right away. Buttock reshaping is customized for every person. What that means is that you will actually not always notice the change. For some people, it might be noticed if it’s a huge difference. But since buttock augmentation is customized to the needs of the person, that doesn’t mean you can always see it.

In general, buttock augmentation is not something you will notice that much. Unless, of course, it was meant to be a major difference to begin with. In that case, you might see some major differences. But for the most part, buttock augmentation is not very noticeable.

Buttock Augmentation is Risk-Free

One of the false beliefs regarding buttock augmentation is that such a surgery can be very challenging. That’s not the case, nor is it that you will encounter lots of risks. There are a few risks with buttock augmentation, but these are minor. These can be poor wound healing, skin loss, a few scars appearing, asymmetries and maybe a little bit of bleeding. It’s a surgery, so a few risks can sometimes arise. However, risks are rare, and aside from minor inconveniences, you won’t deal with major risks.

Only Achievable Through Implants

No, buttock augmentation can be performed with more than just implants. While implants can provide a great solution, they are not the only option. Fat grafting is another good solution because it gives you the means to remove body fat from one part of your body. Then you move that fat to the buttocks. It’s a great way to not only eliminate body fat from one region, but also push it to another part of the body. It’s the best of both worlds, while still conveying an excellent result as well.

Buttock Augmentation is Painless

Depending on the buttock augmentation surgery, you might experience some pain. It’s common to experience that, so if you encounter any pain, you can let the doctor know. Depending on the situation, he might be offering you painkillers or a treatment to handle the pain. However, the degree of pain you experience will vary quite a lot. It depends on many different factors, and that’s exactly what you want to consider in this situation.

The Results Are Permanent

For the most part, results are permanent in the case of buttock augmentation. That’s one of the major misunderstandings about cosmetic buttock procedures. These are indeed permanent, but for some customers they might not last as much. You need to take into account environmental, genetic and lifestyle factors.

Yet in general, buttock augmentation is great, and it will convey a very good value. It will help you reshape your buttocks, improve your look as well. Make sure that you choose a dedicated, comprehensive and professional treatment to handle this. Once you do that, it leads to a much better result. You will need to stick with a certain exercising and dietary plan to keep those results!

It is Only for Younger Individuals

No, buttock augmentation can be performed for a variety of age types. It can be just as good for people in their 30s or 40s, even 50s. The restrictions come from medical reasons, not age related reasons. You want to talk with your doctor and see what he has to say about the procedure. Sometimes there can be underlying conditions. Those might deter you from undergoing this type of procedure. That’s the reason why you want to address the procedure accordingly and with the utmost approach.

Buttock Augmentation Is Unaffordable

These days, buttock augmentation has become more affordable when compared to years ago. It’s not an expensive procedure, so it’s a very good idea to understand what it entails and what results you expect. You don’t have to pay a huge amount for buttock augmentation, and sometimes you can even get financing for the procedure too. That makes it a much better option, overall.

 Buttock Augmentation Leads to Immediate Results

The buttock augmentation results will take a little while for you to see them. But it will look great, and that’s what matters. For the most part, you can see results in a week or so. However, the full scope of those results can be seen in a month or maybe a few months. There are some immediate results and changes you see really fast.


Buttock augmentation is a great procedure that can help improve the overall look of your buttocks. It might take a little bit of time to prepare, but results are worth it. Also, it’s important to mention that buttock augmentation is not very expensive, and the value for money that you are getting here is extremely good. We highly recommend giving buttock augmentation a try, especially if you want to have a plumpier and fuller buttock area!