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Hydro Facial vs. Traditional Facials: Which is Right for You?

Hydro Facial vs. Traditional Facials: Which is Right for You?

Choosing between hydro facial and traditional facial can prove to be a unique challenge for a lot of people. It’s important to get a facial if you want to remove impurities from your skin and make it glow. Yet at the same time, there are multiple types of facials to choose from, each with their pros and cons.

It’s imperative to understand what such a facial does, the value that it provides, and how you can make the most out of it. Here you have a comparison between hydro facial vs traditional facials, so you can see which one is better. Both options are great in their own right, but we think that a hydro facial is better in some respects. Aside from getting a facial massage and proper spa therapy from both, a hydro facial enhances certain aspects.

Understanding Hydro Facials

If you were wondering what is a hydro facial, this is a non-invasive skin treatment. What it does is it delivers exceptional cosmetic dermatology benefits in a great package. It combines skincare techniques to hydrate your skin, extract, cleanse and exfoliate your skin in an adequate manner. It’s designed as a multi-step process, and the focus is to help improve your skin’s appearance, but also health as well.

While it will require an aesthetician and a hydro facial machine, it’s very powerful and extremely dependable for most of us. With that in mind, it can take a bit to get used to it. Facial treatments can be multi-step challenges, but it’s definitely worth considering. It can be a part of your skincare regimen, and it certainly conveys a very good value and result as well.

The Technology and Process Involved in a Hydro Facial

The hydro facial is designed as a 3-step process. The main focus here is to protect your skin and ensure that you maintain a very good routine. With that in mind, it also helps infuse your skins with serums. In the end, it’s a complex and powerful process, and it features 3 steps as you can see below:

  1. Cleansing

The first step is cleansing, where the aesthetician will work closely with you and start clarifying the steps. He will use a dedicated system to clean the skin. The idea here is to remove any debris from the skin surface. This will appear as time goes by, and you need to cleanse everything. Any old skin cells are removed during this process, and you will have resurfaced skin thanks to cleansing adequately.

  1. Extraction

Extraction is a process through which the suction tool is used to remove debris from the pores. What gives the benefit here is that you don’t end up with any discomfort or pain. You won’t see the blackheads during this process. Nor will you have to deal with any skin blemishes too, which is very helpful.

  1. Hydration

Now the third part of the process starts when the provider will apply antioxidants and peptides onto your skin. The skin is clean, it’s exfoliating, and it needs the right compounds to nurture it. That’s why the hydro facial machine helps because it kickstarts a healing and cleaning process, and at the end, you will have your skin hydrated. That helps against the elements. Plus, the skin will glow much more than before, and its look will be enhanced in a very powerful manner.

3 Benefits of Hydro Facials

Once you learn what is hydro facial, you will notice how good it really is for your skin. It also has exceptional results, along with tremendous ways to enhance your skin’s health and repair any issues.

  • A hydro facial is great if you want to hydrate your skin and restore its firmness. It will maintain the great look of your skin, remove inconsistencies, and provide a much better and more cohesive result than expected.
  • The treatment can work great on sensitive skin, but also oily skin and pretty much any type of skin. It’s designed to not damage the skin, instead, it has a true focus on repairing it. That makes it much more powerful and certainly more reliable than you might expect. It also works with any skin tone.
  • There’s no risk of scarring, skin damage, nor is there any pain. That’s why hydro facials are great because they convey an exceptional value, their results are amazing, and the overall treatment itself is a pleasure to go through.

Common Misconceptions about Hydro Facials

A hydro facial is painful

That’s not the case, because the treatment itself is meant to clean the upper layers of your skin and remove dead cells. On the contrary, when you compare hydro facial versus traditional facial, you will find the former to be a lot gentler. You will clean and hydrate your skin. There is no discomfort or skin damage, and that shows the true value that it can provide.

It might not work on your skin type

Since it’s a rather gentle treatment, the hydro facial doesn’t have any issues with a specific skin type. It will be great even if you have darker or oily skin. That’s great, because you get to protect your skin in an efficient manner, and the results as a whole can be extremely impressive.

Results are long term

In general, you have to repeat the hydro facial treatment multiple times. However, unlike other facial treatments, this one lasts for more than just a week. That’s why it’s still a solid option. However, if you want to have consistent results, then multiple treatments will be necessary here.

The Basics of Traditional Facials

A regular facial is designed to be performed as a beauty salon. A lot of people go for this because it’s the older, tried and tested method, even if it’s not always going to provide you with the right results. A facial can also be performed at home if you buy a facial mask or a kit. Every facial has its different components, with each providing a unique value and benefit.

Traditional Facials and Their Components

In general, a traditional facial is a multi-step process as well. The focus here is to help your skin look much better, and you will go through multiple steps to achieve that. First, you have a cleansing process where you use a cream, then you exfoliate your skin with a scrub, and after that you have a peel-off mask. Sometimes these facials might also have a final step where you add nutrients to your facial skin besides using a mask, but that will differ from one facial to the other.

The Typical Steps Involved in a Traditional Facial

  1. First, you go through a consultation where a professional will assess your skin type. That’s where they narrow down if there are any concerns or possible issues that can arise from this process. Moreover, that’s when the treatment is optimized for the person in question.
  2. Cleansing is the first step, where a cleanser is designed to remove makeup, oil and dirt from the face.
  3. After cleansing, exfoliation  happens, usually with a chemical that has acids or enzymes or sometimes a scrub is used. It depends on the sensitivity and skin type.
  4. After the exfoliation, some extractions might be necessary to remove impurities from the skin, whiteheads, blackheads and so on. A facial massage can also be a part of the process, to help reduce puffiness and deal with wrinkles or fine lines.
  5. Lastly, a facial mask is applied, depending on the treatment. These masks are infusing the skin with moisture. Sometimes at the end, the process is finished with a serum or moisturizer to protect and nourish the skin.

3 Benefits of Traditional Facials

  • A traditional facial is designed to clear pores and it will also improve your overall circulation
  • You can use a traditional facial to enhance the skin tone and deal with fine lines
  • It provides great exfoliation, and it can rejuvenate your skin

8 Differences Between Hydro Facials and Traditional Facials

The Process:

Hydro Facial

Traditional Facials

Technology and Methodology:

A state of the art device is used to cleanse the skin and it provides instant glowing skin.

It relies on older technologies that can be invasive for the skin, sometimes.

Hydration Levels:

The treatment will go deep into the pores, it will remove impurities and hydrate your skin at the same time.

Depending on the traditional facial method used, the hydration levels might not be as powerful as a hydro facial.

Cleansing Techniques:

Cleansing is performed using a non-invasive solution, designed to eliminate impurities from the skin.

Many times, cleansing is performed using acids and chemicals that can sometimes be dangerous for the skin.

Exfoliation Techniques:

A hydro facial uses an advanced hydrodermabrasion and a vortex fusion technology. That helps deliver better cleansing and serum absorption.

A traditional facial uses manual application of products and extraction.

Customization Options:

The hydro facial treatment can be fully customized according to the patient’s requirements.

Traditional facials are also customizable according to your specific needs.

Targeted Skin Concerns:

You don’t have any skin concerns, a hydro facial is great for all skin types.

There are times when traditional facials might not be suitable for sensitive or acne-prone skin.

Post-Treatment Downtime:

Very short to no downtime, you can go ahead and move on with your day.

It can take anywhere from a few days to 2 weeks to recover.

Long-Term Results:

The results of a hydro facial can remain for up to 6 weeks.

In most cases, it lasts for a month at most.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Between Hydro Facials and Traditional Facials

Skin Type

In general, when you make the hydro facial versus traditional facial choice, skin type needs to be a concern. A hydro facial is suitable for all skin types, which makes it the better option. Traditional facials are also ok, but the thing to note about them is they can be less ideal for very sensitive skin, so try to take that into consideration.

Skin Concerns

A typical facial can be less comprehensive and suitable for those that have darker or oily skin. In the case of a hydro facial, that is not the case. It will work great for all skin types. That’s because it doesn’t use chemicals or any other invasive compounds.


Depending on the place, you either pay a bit less for a regular facial or an equal amount to the hydro facial. Yes, the hydro facial tends to be a little more expensive. However, it also has less to no downtime, it’s using the latest technologies in the industry, so the value provided is exceptional.


You can expect a 45 minute treatment or less for a hydro facial. On the other hand, depending on the complexity of the regular facial, that might end up taking more than an hour. That’s why it’s imperative to identify the right timeline.


We encourage you to perform an adequate skin assessment and identify the type of treatment that you need. Then you can either choose a traditional or a hydro facial. There will always be concerns when it comes to what kind of treatment fits your needs, and what you should go for. Should you go for a hydro facial or traditional facials? Both are great, but a hydro facial is better since it uses newer technologies and it also has less risks, not to mention a lower downtime. At the end of the day, it comes down to your budget, skincare preferences and needs, then you can pick the best option!