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What is Fat Freezing and How Does It Work?

What is Fat Freezing and How Does It Work?

Understanding fat freezing can help you improve your weight loss. Many of us try to use conventional weight loss systems. They can help with sculpting our body, sometimes. But stuff like lipolysis certainly has its advantages. That’s the reason why cryotherapy can be a solid idea. It helps remove the subcutaneous fat naturally. It doesn’t involve the use of unwanted, dangerous chemicals.

Instead, you are exposing your fat cells to low temperatures. Those will have a great impact since it makes cellulite and fat cells easier to flush down and remove the body fat. It’s a solid idea to think about, and you can fully customize the process yourself. Just make sure that you use the right fat freeze system. Once you pick that, you can remove subcutaneous fat and adipocytes.

What is Fat Freezing?

It’s important to understand how fat freezing works and what this truly is. Fat freezing has become a great way to combat cellulite. And at its core, it doesn’t do anything bad for your body either. It’s a procedure designed to use low temperatures as a way to remove body fat. The way this works is it relies on fat freezing treatments with a dedicated machine.

The handheld device uses suction so it can pull that target area from the body. You isolate it for the treatment. Then you cool it down to freezing temperatures. It can take up to an hour for that area to freeze, so you can start addressing the body fat. What’s interesting is the body fat in that area gets chilled as time goes by.

You will encounter sensations that differ in intensity. At first, it will just tingle a bit. Then it starts to ache more, sometimes it even leads to cramps. What’s important to note is that fat freezing is not immediate. It takes a little bit of effort and time to deliver the right results. Sometimes you can see great results in a few weeks. But it can take a few months as well.

According to studies, 28%  of the fat from the target area can potentially be removed. It shows that fat freezing can be highly reliable. If you want to remove fat from your body efficiently, then it’s a good idea to use a freezing machine. Done right, it can help solve many of your fat loss issues. Just don’t expect an immediate solution for it!

Does Fat Freezing Cryolipolysis Work?

Cryolipolysis fat freezing is a very comprehensive process. You can do it at a clinic, where they have specialized equipment. The practitioner will try to find fat cells that are susceptible to getting damaged. That cold damage is what will help you deal with skin cell problems. It will also bring cold temperature that damages only fat cells. In doing so, you will boost your immunity. Yet you are also weakening the fat cells, which become very hard to damage in a situation like this. You will be able to boost your white blood cell’s power and immunity.

Generally, if you stick with the cryolipolysis treatment, it can help reduce a lot of body fat. However, that means you need to go to every appointment. It’s not a fast method to lose weight. But it totally works, and it will help convey a very good result. And on top of that, the cryolipolysis fat freezing is designed to not damage your body.

A lot of people are concerned about side effects. But there are no major side effects to worry about here. The focus is on safety, making sure you are not dealing with damage. And once you start tackling those concerns, the results are second to none. It’s why you want to give fat freezing a shot.

It will help in many ways:

  • Fat freezing is not a surgical procedure. That means there are no incisions or invasive procedures. A lot of people that want to lose weight are afraid of incisions. Yet there’s no issue to be worried about here, so use it as an advantage.
  • You don’t run any risks of infection. Speaking of risks, a fat freezing machine doesn’t affect your nerves either.
  • There’s no need for sedation or any similar procedures. You can also ensure that fat cells are permanently removed from your body. Other similar procedures won’t do that, and it’s why fat freezing can be so good in the first place.
  • You can treat multiple parts of your body. That means it’s ok to not target just a single body part. You tackle multiple regions with the same great effect. That can help quite a lot.
  • It’s safe to perform the procedure. It also works on people of all ages, which is an amazing option to take into consideration.

Who is a Good Candidate for Fat Freezing Treatment?

Ideally, it’s someone that doesn’t have any health issues. If you already have health problems, that can be a concern and you want to address the problem as quickly as you can. However, you also shouldn’t have a lot of body fat. While fat freezing will remove some of the body fat, it can’t remove all the fat. So if you have tons of fat, that might make the process very difficult.

However, fat freezing is not good for pregnant women. It also won’t be ok for overweight patients. It might help a little bit, but for the most part, you always want to have a proper diet. Working out and eating healthily are the crucial things you have to focus on. Once you do that, it becomes much easier to lose weight and maintain a very good shape.

The Fat Freezing Procedure

Fat freezing starts with you going to the clinic. Not everyone can have this procedure, so you have to go there and see if it’s suitable. They will check the area that you want to remove fat from. You will be notified if this is doable and also how many sessions it takes. Then you will know how to prepare, more on that below. However, once you do enter the procedure, there are a few things that you will need to go through.

  • You sit down and then they are using a handheld device in order to freeze the fat cell layer under your skin. The gel pad is added to that area. It’s designed to protect your skin from damage.
  • After that, your fatty bulge is vacuumed into the opening of the applicator. Since you are awake during the process, you will feel a pulling sensation. That’s normal, and it’s nothing to be scared for. That is also combined with some intense cold and other sensations as well. The fat layer gets cooled gradually until you are close to 0 degrees Celsius or less.
  • Treating the area is not instant. It will take up to an hour. After that, they remove the applicator. Instead of that, they will massage your location in order to break down the fat cells.
  • That cold temperature makes it easy to injure fat cells. The blood cells are pushed onward to speed up your circulation. It will also help enhance the immune system and your fat cells will be pushed away.

Preparation for the Treatment

  • A good starting point is to eat healthily. If you are around your ideal weight, that will help a lot. Improve your diet, remove fatty foods and anything that’s unhealthy. The more you improve your diet and exercise, the better.
  • Since you are dealing with low temperatures, you want to protect your skin. That means you want to avoid tanning beds and direct sunlight exposure.
  • Blood thinning medication is not allowed either. You want to talk with your doctor, let him know if you have any medication. Then he can tell you when/if you need to make any changes to the medication.
  • Stop smoking at least for a while. If you can indefinitely, that will be even better.
  • Wearing comfortable clothes and staying hydrated are a must-have. These things will help eliminate problems and help you prepare.
  • Sometimes it’s recommended to eat a small snack before the session. Depending on the situation, a session can last more than an hour. So it never hurts to eat beforehand if you can.

The Equipment Used in Fat Freezing

They will use a fat freezing machine in order to freeze the body fat naturally. These machines vary when it comes to intensity and speed. However, most of them can be fully customized. Then, you will need applicators for the gel that makes the entire procedure very cohesive and comprehensive. Some machines will also have an extraction device. That device’s main focus is to help lower fat deposits quickly. It will help with the entire fat removal process and experience.

Duration of the Fat Freezing Procedure

It depends on the machine used and also the area that you need to be treated. For the most part, fat freezing sessions take around an hour. Sometimes they can take more than an hour. It will vary, but you want to talk with the practitioner first. They will tell you how much this procedure will take, the amount of time you have to set aside, etc.

Generally, you can expect a session to take around 1 hour to 1 hour and 15 minutes. However, sometimes it can take more, especially if you are targeting an area with a lot of body fat. That’s why you need to ensure you prepare enough time for this procedure.

What to Expect During and After Fat Freezing?

During the fat freezing process, you will encounter some tingling and other similar sensations. It’s also common to feel the fat vacuumed from your body, even if that’s not a sensation of pain. Temporary numbness is also common, even some swelling and redness. These can appear after the procedure. However, you don’t need to worry about any danger. Most of these side effects will just pass a few hours after the procedure, or a day at most.

Potential Side Effects of Fat Freezing

Side effects can include tingling, cramping, swelling, some moderate pain in remote cases, but also tingling, itching, pinching sensations. They will not be long term side effects, and you will find yourself feeling a whole lot better afterward. Not only that, but the pulling sensation can stop quickly. That sensation does disappear after the treatment.

Safety and Considerations

You want to work with a qualified professional. Don’t go tanning before the procedure, and also take good care of your skin. Hydrating and moisturizing your skin can make a huge difference. It’s exactly the thing that you must keep in mind.

Fat Freezing Treatment Aftercare

One of the first thing you want to do is to hydrate yourself. Avoid alcohol and exercise, since they can be detrimental. Also, limit the caffeine consumption, and try to stay active after a few days. Commit yourself to eating healthily, because it has a positive impact on your health. Massages can also be preferable here.


Fat freezing is a great procedure that can help with body contouring. Procedures like CoolSculpting or Lipolysis have become very popular. They work extremely well, and you can get amazing value from them. That’s why they come as highly recommended. You should definitely consider giving these a try. It’s an extraordinary way to lose body fat!