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What is Vacuum Therapy and How Does It Work?

What is Vacuum Therapy and How Does It Work?

Understanding what is vacuum therapy can be a great idea if you want to lose weight or contour your body. A lot of people want to avoid the pain of a surgery and instead want to focus more on things like dermatological benefits. Making sure you avoid contraindication and things like sensitization or coagulation is also preferred.

Over the years, vacuum therapy has become appealing because it avoids inflammatory response, while avoiding issues with the adipose issues or tissue damage. It can be very efficient when it comes to proper containment, while avoiding any issues like ischemia or edema. Thanks to vacuum therapy, you can actively focus on avoiding adverse reactions if you have vasoconstriction or neurological problems similar to that. You can get the option to sculpt your body in a creative manner, and that can help convey a great way to enhance your self-care and motivation.

What is Vacuum Therapy?

At its core, vacuum therapy is a very simple process whose focus is to lift your skin with suction cups. Doing that is also very similar to a massage, without forcing your body in any way. At first, it was used as a way to eliminate thermal injury and contusions, while also treating burn scars. However, over the years, it has quickly evolved into a very good way to perform a massage and ensure that you treat cellulite too. That means vacuum therapy has many forms, and it’s one of those extraordinary ways to ensure you improve your look.

You can lift your skin safely and without issues. Not only that, but you can ensure that you tackle problems like ecchymosis and prevent a hemorrhage via suction. Make sure that you work with a dermatological expert, as that will help prevent any type of side effects and hypersensitivity.

Generally, the vacuum therapy treatment results are very good, and the best part is that you can fully adjust and customize the treatment for a specific person. It can help maximize the outcome, without forcing your body.

Common Types of Vacuum Therapy

Butt lift

The butt lift is one of the best methods you can use to enhance the appeal of your butt, while removing body fat. The main focus for this type of vacuum therapy is to help you pull the skin around your butt. As you do that, you can improve the surface and shape of your butt. You always want to enhance its look and push it to the next level, while also having a toned, dimpled and smooth appearance as a whole.

The butt lift is a non-surgical procedure, and it can help you reduce cellulite. Unlike other methods, it doesn’t increase the butt size. Instead, you get to sculpt your butt’s look and also remove fat cells from it.


You can also go for a vacuum therapy massage as well. Massages can go in a variety of ways, but the main focus for them is to help you relax. The vacuum massage system is particularly focused on helping you boost your circulation, while also delivering very good pain relief. And yes, it can help relax your muscles. So if you’re not all that into sculpting your body, but need to alleviate pain and also enhance your look a bit, then a vacuum massage can actively help.

Scar therapy

As we said earlier, people started using a vacuum therapy machine specifically to deal with scars. It was the first, intended use of the vacuum therapy process and it still is up to this day. Some of us have scars from various accidents, and using the vacuum therapy as a way to deal with scars is an extremely good idea. Sure, vacuum therapy might not be perfect and it won’t work for some people, but it certainly allows you to deal with scar issues.

On top of that, it can work on larger scars too. You should talk with a medical professional before attempting anything here, but for the most part, it’s a process that works better than expected. It’s not immediate and you will need multiple sessions, but in the long run you will find this to deliver an exceptional quality and a tremendous result, while saving quite a bit of time.

Benefits of Vacuum Therapy

What matters in regards to vacuum therapy is that it will help you improve your skin’s look. It’s one of the methods that has become extremely popular over the years, and people appreciate it for the great consistency and quality that it provides.

  • With help from vacuum therapy, you can improve the firmness of your skin. Making sure that your skin is firm can be great, since it makes it less prone to damage. If your skin is sensitive in general, vacuum therapy can be one of the better treatments to try out. It helps your skin, while also not damaging it. That can be hard to narrow down, and that’s where it becomes a solid treatment for a lot of people.
  • Also, your skin is less sagging, it has better elasticity if you give vacuum therapy a shot. It’s the type of treatment that not only does wonders, but it helps provide you with all the tools needed to spruce up your look. Sagging skin looks bad, and it will only get worse without the right treatment. That’s the primary role of vacuum therapy for a lot of people, and it works very well.
  • As we said earlier, the vacuum therapy option is great if you want to do a butt lift. With its help, you can have a rounder and larger butt. And yes, you don’t have to deal with any surgery or pain. It becomes a much better way to work on your butt’s look without dealing with injections.
  • Soreness and muscle tension can be a major pain point for most people. The advantage of vacuum therapy is that it helps you tackle that kind of problem, and it does that in a very cohesive and powerful way.
  • You can finally remove toxins and also boost your body’s circulation. Either due to weather, dieting or pollution, you will notice that vacuum therapy quickly becomes a problem. In this case, the best possible thing you can do is to remove toxins and doing that is going to be even easier than expected with vacuum therapy. It becomes one of the go-to options if you’re looking to enhance your look, while also ensuring that your circulation is the best it can be.

How Does Vacuum Therapy Work?

A lot of people are wondering how does vacuum therapy work? It’s not that complicated, but it focuses on a very specific number of tasks that you need to fulfill. Once you start doing that and learn the procedure, you will be prepared for each step and ensure everything is done accordingly.

  • At first, the person delivering this treatment will determine how many suction cups need to be used depending on the treated area. Once that’s determined, the cups are placed on the desired area and the vacuum therapy machine is turned on.
  • The machine needs to be adjusted to the right level, depending on your needs. The technician will usually start with the smaller settings, ramp up and adjust according to your comfort levels.
  • In general, the vacuum treatment can take anywhere from 30 to 45 minutes per session.
  • Drinking water afterwards is not random, it’s imperative because it helps your body flush out toxins a lot quicker. While generally there’s no downtime, you will need to unwind and relax for a little bit, especially if you are dealing with discomfort.
  • You will need up to 6-10 sessions in order to make the most out of vacuum therapy. That way, it will give you the desired results, while also implementing a very good outcome. Even after that, monthly sessions are preferred, just to keep those benefits.

Potential Risks and Side Effects of Vacuum Therapy

After the treatment, your skin can look a bit puffy, tingly or tight. However, the upside is these are just temporary issues that will go away soon after the treatment is over. Of course, it’s also common to experience some redness. There is a myth that vacuum therapy can lead to bruising, but that’s false.

What to Expect During a Vacuum Therapy Session?

Some tingling can appear, but that’s about it. That’s the reason why a lot of people enjoy vacuum therapy to begin with, because it’s efficient, it gets the job done, and it also allows you to eliminate a lot of potential problems.

Keep in mind that vacuum therapy results will not be permanent. But it’s a great idea to consider because it allows you to regain that great look and motivation. That’s why we think it’s a great option to keep in mind!


Overall, vacuum therapy has quickly become one of the best therapy options on the market. People like it because you can reduce muscle tension, improve the skin firmness, while also exfoliating your skin. The fact that you can also use it as the means to deal with cellulite makes vacuum therapy a great option for a lot of people, especially women!